How to get here

The journey to Lappo is an excellent way to experience the nature of the archipelago. You can reach Lappo by ferry from Vuosnainen (Kustavi in Finland) or Hummelvik (on Vårdö, Åland).

The ferry departs regularly, but a place must be booked in advance if you are bringing a car. The ferries often get fully booked quickly during peak season, so why not leave the car in the harbor and enjoy the archipelago by bike? If you are travelling from Hummelvik you won’t even need a bike – everything on Lappo can be reached on foot!

Reading the timetables can sometimes feel confusing, so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you want help with planning your journey

Example journey from mainland Finland:
From Vuosnainen (Kustavi) m/s Viggen depart at 13.30 most weekdays, with arrival in Åva (Brändö) at 14.10. You then need to cross Brändö to reach Torsholma harbor (21 km away) from where either m/s Alfågeln or m/s Ejdern will take you to Lappo (departing at 15.15, arriving in Lappo at 15.35). Please note that there is a small ferry between Kustavi and Vuosnainen, which only departs twice an hour, so make sure to account for this in planning your route to Vuosnainen

Example journey from mainland Åland:
From Hummelvik m/s Alfågeln depart for example Monday-Friday at 09.30 or 12.00. You’ll arrive in Lappo two hours later.

You can also travel from Långnäs to Snäckö (Kumlinge) and from there get to Kumlinge North harbor (11 km). From there you can reach Lappo with m/s Alfågeln or m/s Ejdern in 40 minutes.

See a picture of how to find Lappo.

For more information or to book a place on the ferry please see Ålandstrafiken
or call +358 18 256 00

The entire ferry system of the Åland archipelago is described in the brochure Åland Archipelago Trail.

If you arrive from Finland and want to rent a bike we recommend Carfild with Rent&Drop. You can then for example rent your bike in Vuosnainen and drop it off in Korpo or Turku.

For more information about the Åland Islands, please see the Visit Åland webbsite.